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the filmmakers


Anna (left) and Ameesha met one fateful day in 2002 at Mmmmuffins, a café by their school. As undergraduates at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada), they started working together on film projects and became fast friends. In autumn 2006, Ameesha approached Anna to help her make this film, and eventually they created a partnership and became co-directors. They both live in Montreal.

While film is their first love, they’ve got day jobs and night jobs. Anna is working as a writer and studying Arabic while Ameesha is working as a videographer and completing her Master’s of Fine Arts at Concordia.

Interesting facts about their partnership
> Strangely, Anna is better at understanding Indian accents and Ameesha often turns to her for help. We can’t explain it.
> Ameesha is an excellent networker. Take her to a film festival and she works the room. Anna appreciates this very much.
> When Ameesha originally “hired” Anna to be the cinematographer for this film, she paid her in bananas. Anna complained and Ameesha started slipping in the odd Fruit and Nut chocolate bar. Mmmm.

Characteristics they share:
> names start and end with “A”
> both Scorpios
> first generation Canadian

That’s it? Just you two?
No, no. We couldn’t have done it without significant help along the way, plus the support of our loved ones.

We are deeply indebted to:
> The coaches and boxers of the Indian Women’s National Boxing Team.
> Emily Gan, who came on board as a still photographer and sound recordist and spent 10 weeks with us traveling around India in the summer of 2008.
> Filmmaker Rohan Fernando, who trusted us enough to lend us all of his equipment for our first shoot in India, out of the kindness of his heart.
> Geetanjali Dagar, from Toronto, who joined us as a translator when the team visited Ontario in May 2008.
> The people of Manipur, who showed us such warmth and hospitality when we visited the state in 2006 and 2008. They really are the nicest people on earth.

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