with this ring

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With This Ring is an independent documentary film, made on a shoestring budget by Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian.

Winning four world titles is not enough to get noticed in India, just ask 27 year-old boxing champion Mary Kom. She could have been a household name by now if she had chosen to pursue a more “ladylike” sport like tennis or field hockey. Instead, she is fighting against centuries of tradition in a country that expects women to be sweet and docile. With cropped hair, defined shoulders and a mean left hook, she is anything but your typical Indian girl.

With This Ring lets you step into the ring with members of the Indian Women’s National Boxing Team. From their villages to the podium, these girls quickly rise to the top of their game. At the 4th World Women’s Boxing Competition in 2006, the Indian team makes a clean sweep, winning eight medals and the Championship Team title. They officially become the best women’s boxing team in the world. And the most under-appreciated.


Written, directed and produced by
Ameesha Joshi, Anna Sarkissian

Anna Sarkissian

Sound Recording
Emily Gan, Ameesha Joshi

Still Photography
Emily Gan, Ameesha Joshi

We have received financial support from:
Canada Council for the Arts
Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec

And technical assistance from:
Concordia University Television
National Film Board of Canada (Filmmakers’ Assistance Program)